Adebisi Yusuff Adebayo posted in FEE Nigeria
about 3 months ago
'Drugs are poisons' is what they say but with the right use, they become therapeutic agent. Over the last one decade, the misuse and abus...
chukie elekwa posted in FEE Nigeria
about 3 months ago
Part of the duties of any government is to make policies that are beneficial to the citizens, even when the citizens, or some of them, ma...
Olukunle Taiwo posted in FEE Nigeria
about 3 months ago
Banning codeine is not a solution to the abuse of drugs and substances amongst the populace.  if you ban codeine, addicts look for the ne...
Lawal Kamil Kayode posted in FEE Nigeria
about 3 months ago
The ban on codeine has done more harm due to the people switching from codeine to another drug of different forms such as methylated spir...

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