FEE Campus Ambassador Program

The FEE Campus Ambassador Program is a new initiative created to empower bright, entrepreneurial college students to share their love of liberty with their campuses. 

2 New 5-Star Campus Ambassadors!

Congratulations to our newest 5-Star Campus Ambassadors, Christian Newman and Tyler Brandt! Christian was the first Campus Ambassador. He has done some great activism through...

Shoutout to All 5-Star Campus Ambassadors!

Congratulations to Savannah Lindquist, Nathan Keeble, and David Nelson- our newest 5-Star Campus Ambassadors! Savannah is a student at Temple University majoring in neuroscience, who...

Congratulations to our First Five-Star Campus Ambassador

We'd like to give a shout-out to Natalie Bao Tram Le, our first Five Star Campus Ambassador! Natalie is working in South Carolina and has...


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Campus Ambassador Handbook

This link will take you to the complete Campus Ambassador Handbook. We ask that you please skim this document once, then revisit is as needed.


Hello Community! Welcome to the Campus Ambassador Board. My name is Tricia Beck-Peter, I'm FEE's new Outreach Associate. I'll be running the Campus Ambassador program,...