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I Am Brittany Hunter, Associate Editor at Ask Me Anything! Friday, July 21st 12-4 PM ET

Ask me anything about millennials and free markets, criminal justice reform, the burdensome regulatory state, the sharing economy, and Game of Thrones. 


Will the conferemce provide allergu friendly food? 

Airline travel tips?

Is there anyone attending the seminar who has significant experience with air travel? Although I've flown before, my flight out to Atlanta will be the...


It starts in 1 day!

1 More Day !!

Hi everyone, I'm Claudia from New Jersey (even though I'm currently in Washington DC visiting my sister)! I can't wait to meet all of you...

One day!

hey guys- I'm excited to meet everyone and be able to experience another FTE camp- always so much fun:) See you guys soon.

Seminar is in One Day!

Good Morning everyone! I'm am so excited for this seminar, to learn new things and make new friends! I look forward to meeting all of...

Hello From Memphis

I'm Joseph, and I'm really happy to be going to the seminar in a few days. It'll be great to see everyone there!

I'm David Veksler, Director of Marketing/ Web Development at FEE. Ask Me Anything, Friday July 14th, 12pm-4pm ET

Ask me anything about building, the future of digital properties, cryptocurrency, IT security, future, techno-utopia/dystopia related matters.

Favorite Resteraunt

Since we're gonna meet and talk about entrepreneurship, I thought I'd ask, what's your favorite resteraunt, and why? Do you prefer quality, price, customer service,...