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I'm David Boaz of the Cato Institute, Ask Me Anything Friday, 11/17 12-4pm ET

I’ve been involved in the libertarian movement a long time. I read Economics in One Lesson at 14 and Atlas Shrugged at 17. I got...

I'm Gonzalo Schwarz of the Archbridge Institute, Ask Me Anything Friday, 10/20 12-4pm ET

Hi everyone, I'm Gonzalo Schwarz, founder and CEO of the Archbridge Institute, a public policy think tank in Washington DC focusing on economic mobility and...

FEE Courses FAQ

Over 10,000 people have taken FEE's free online courses! As such, a few questions seem to come up again and again. We thought it would...

Week 5


FEE @ SFL North Central Conference

This weekend FEE CA's were able to set a table up at the Students For Liberty North Central Regional Conference. I had a lot of...

Week 4

Link to readings:

I'm Robert Anthony Peters - libertarian, speaker, actor, writer, director, producer - Ask Me Anything 9/29/17 at 12-4pm ET.

*TL;DR I act, I love liberty, ask me junk. Here is my bio: ROBERT ANTHONY PETERS completed his BS at the University of Arizona in...

University of South Alabama Campus Ambassador

I'm the President of my school's Young Americans for Liberty chapter and today we tabled, rolled the free speech ball around campus, and passed out...

Week 3 (1 Week Late)

Hi kids! Sorry we're a week behind! Mom got super busy last week. Here's the Week 3 Discussion:Readings available here.  


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