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Week 3 (1 Week Late)

Hi kids! Sorry we're a week behind! Mom got super busy last week. Here's the Week 3 Discussion:Readings available here.  

I'm Anne Bradley of the Institute for Faith and Works. Join me for an AMA Friday 9/22, (12-3:30) ET

Economics is such a powerful framwork to view the world!  It can help us how to get to a greater level of human flourishing by...

Liberty Movement Professionals Answer Your Questions

If you love liberty and think you may want to seek a career in the liberty movement, ask for guidance from liberty professionals at FEE!...

I'm Zak Slayback, Author of The End of School, Speaker on Social Change, and Professional Development Expert, AMA!

I'm Zak Slayback, the author of the 2016 book The End of School: Reclaiming Education from the Classroom, and a regular speaker on topics of social...

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News media role in justice

In Panama, just most of the outstanding cases of government corruption come about through news articles. Obviously, this summons the question of the news role...


Thanks FEE Community

Excuse Me, Professor Discussion Group for Campus Ambassadors, Week 1

Dear Campus Ambassadors,   Over the next six weeks, we will use these boards to explore the book "Excuse Me, Professor," edited by Lawrence W....

CA Progress September 7th

In my first week as a campus ambassador, I hosted Liberty on the Rocks (and forgot to take pictures), attended the local libertarian party meeting, and...