Odunola Oladejo 0

20 Jan 2018, 11:15 AM

FEE Nigeria

Hello my Nigerian family! Here is a platform to discuss libertarian principles and figure out how they can be made applicable in Nigeria.

Let's talk about the proper role of the government in our country, rule of law, individual liberty, drug policy reforms, free markets, property rights...


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  • Odunola Oladejo

    about 5 months ago


    What is a free society? What should be the proper role of the government in a free society? Can Nigeria be termed as a 'free society'?

  • Adefemi

    about 5 months ago

    For me a free society is one in which every individual has the three basic rights which are, Economic right, freedom of movement and Freedom of speech and that individual performs these rights without causing any harm to others or restriction of the rights of others.

    The role of Governance in a free society is simply to provide adequate security to lives and property

  • Peter

    about 4 months ago

    People  today  believe  that  free-market  economy  is  a lawless  free-for-all,  in  which  people  can  do  what  they  want,  regardless  of consequences  for  others.  But  the  truth  is,  the  no-harm  principle  still  prevails.  And there  is  a  framework  of  law,  which  covers  the  acquisition,  ownership  and  exchange  of property,  people’s  right  over  their  own  labour,  and  the  enforceability  of  contracts.  Nigerian government  should  restrict  itself  to  its  fundamental  roles  –  provision  of  security; protection  of  property;  and  ensuring  justice  through  sound  legal  systems.  It  is imperative  to  note  that  the  energy  of  the  market  economy  is  not  smothered  by excessive  regulations  and  controls.  But  the  basic  rules  of  property,  exchange  and contract  allow  people  to  cooperate,  however  they  choose,  for  mutual  benefit,  on  a basis  of  trust,  confidence  and  security.  That  can encourage  greater  economic  cooperation in Nigeria and  multiplies  the  many  benefits  that  stem  from  it. 

  • Oluwarotimi Popoola

    about 4 months ago

    Nigeria is a free society, most especially freedom of information. But there are still loop holes in the constitution that gives room for lapses. The law makers need to do more concerning the constitution amendment in order to make Nigeria a better and safe place to live.

  • Stephen Kayode Oyedemi

    about 4 months ago

    Nigeria cannot be regarded as a free country. Although, relative to a lot of countries in Africa, it is free. But according to the recently published Freedom In The World Report by Freedom House, Nigeria is a partly free country and only 18 countries in Africa are classified as free. There is obviously a need for serious advocacy aimed at emphasizing the proper role of government and the promotion of the institutions that constitute a free society.  

  • Odunola Oladejo

    about 2 months ago

    A free society is a society where individuals interact freely and work together peacefully without any form of authority, imposition or government interference. A free society promotes limited government, individual rights, spontaneous order, free speech, peace, love and liberty.

    I believe the proper role of government in a free society is to provide for the necessary needs of individuals and set out the best policies for everyone, these should include but not limited to providing full access to care and treatment, ensuring justice is neither delayed nor denied, addressing the social welfare needs of individuals, ensuring promotion of libertarian principles.

    Nigeria cannot be totally termed as a free society because the components of a supposed free society is limited. There is need to set strategies that would result into the most favourable and greatest prosperity for everyone.

  • Adewale Bankole

    about 2 months ago

    The role of government in a free society is to allow individual liberty - to allow individuals to live and thrive in any way she/he chooses, so long as she/he respects the equal rights of others. The government however have the duty to upload the law and protect the citizens against external aggression.

    Nigeria isn't a free society as there are daily government cohesion in almost all sector of the economy and socio political sphere.