Michael Guthrie 0

16 Mar 2017, 09:31 PM

Too late!

I found out about this seminar too late for me to participate this time around. I hope there will be future opportunities! In the meantime, I would love to connect with others interested in both Liberty and the Entertainment Industry. 

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  • Anna Jane Parrill

    about 2 years ago


    So excited to hear of your interest in our seminars! We host Filmmaking & Entrepreneurship every year, so definitely keep it in mind for next year. In the meantime, the Moving Picture Institute is a great resource for combining your interest in individual liberties and entertainment. 

    I'd also reccommend looking into possibly attending FEEcon! Many of the speakers we are having at Filmmaking & Entrepreneurship will be at FEEcon and if you attend you will get the chance to see some of their work and connect with them.